Friday, October 1, 2010

You Never Know What's in Your Back Yard...

I had no idea this place was practically in my own back yard. The Bicycle Museum of America is about 100 miles away, and I happened to find it completely by accident.

Being interested in canals, I was looking at google maps today trying to follow the route of the Miami & Erie canal, which traveled between Toledo and Cincinnati. In tiny New Bremen, Ohio, I happened to see "Bicycle Museum of America" on the map. No, that can't be right, can it? A few clicks later and I found the web page I've linked above. How cool is that?

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I can't figure out how to get the map to show you "Bicycle Museum of America" on the map as I saw it, but the location is there, right next to Lock One Park.

Not only is there a bike museum, but there is an intact lock on the canal right next to the museum. But that is just the beginning, my friends. There is a hiking trail that travels for 40 miles along the towpath. Some of it is paved with crushed lime, and in other places it looks like the path is just grass. So I'll have to plan a trip over there. I assume I can ride my bike on it.

Yes, there is more. I know you can't wait.

There is a bike shop in nearby Celina, called the Country Bike Shop. They specialize in selling Rivendell bikes and other stuff associated with riding bikes on all sorts of roads. I found the link to that bike shop at the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association's website.

Gotta stop by that shop on my trip over to the canal and bike museum. Man, life is good!

Happy riding!


Steve A said...

So, when do you think you'll make the trip?

Big Oak said...

I'm thinking this morning, Steve. Will check back in later today.

rlove2bike said...

Nice find. Sounds fun...Have fun! ! !

John Romeo Alpha said...

It's great to see a bike museum, particularly right there in your own backyard. If you get a chance, though, you might ask them what criteria they use to add a bicycle to their collection--the have an Autobike and a Strida but no original Stingray? Or maybe they just haven't put it on their web site yet. An American Bike Museum needs a Stingray, no?

Apertome said...

Astonishing all around! I had no idea there was a Rivendell dealer anywhere near here. Fantastic. Now I just need a pile of money and I'll be all set!

scott davidson said...

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