Saturday, February 2, 2013

Looking For Groundhogs

The Show 'n Go ride was canceled today because the temperature was too low.  Plus the light lake-effect snow from Lake Michigan covered the roads with enough snow that road tires are not effective.

Jim, Luis, and I met down near Eagle Marsh and rode the Towpath Trail into downtown Fort Wayne and back.   They are among small group of roadies who ride outside throughout the winter.

 Here's Jim with his snowboard goggles.  He's not sure how they are different from ski goggles, but apparently they are.  I'll take his word for it.  One thing he does know is Wabash and Erie Canal history, which is what we talked about quite a bit, since we rode along the old canal route for a good ways.

Luis up ahead on the trail.  Although drafting was not necessary today, Luis is always ready to take the lead to give someone a break.

Jim and Luis just east of downtown.

We had a great ride today, and it was great to get out with good friends.

We had two big melt downs over the past month which melted all of our snow.  The strong north winds the past couple days brought us a bit of Lake Michigan in snow form.  Aside from this light snow, our drought from last summer continues.

Happy riding!