Friday, August 26, 2011

Budding Friendship

Last year Alex participated in a 4th-grade reading project at a local school, sponsored by Big Brothers Big Sisters. At the end of the school year, she became a full-time Big Sister to her friend, Saraya. Last night, we took Saraya down to the Rivergreenway for a ride. She used Georgia's old bike, which fit her perfectly. Saraya had a great time riding, and I had a great time watching Alex and Saraya interact.

It was a great night to get out, and it was fun introducing Saraya to the Rivergreenway.

Happy riding!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Great Morning to Ride

We spent the day back at the alma mater yesterday, delivering our daughter, Georgia, for the start of her sophomore year. Across the street from her dorm, is where the marching band practices each day. I really don't know if that is the world's largest drum, but it's labelled that. It makes an appearance at each and every home game. And it's pretty loud.

But not as loud as the train horn on the Boilermaker Express. They've mounted a modern freight train horn on this thing, and when it goes off this close, it makes your ears ring. I had first-hand experience yesterday.

Here's Georgia, with her new roommate, Gabby.

Here's Hugh's hand, the one who whacked his face and hand in last week's crash. His eye is black and blue, and he broke a bone in his hand, but that didn't keep him off the bike for this morning's club ride. It didn't slow him down, either.

I haven't shown my ears much on this blog. Here's my left ear - it's my favorite.

We rode northwest of town, in lake country today. It was a spirited ride, with lots of hills and turns, so this is it for photos. I had to ride like crazy to hang on.

It was a great morning to be on the bike.

Happy riding!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Wreck

This has been a season of accidents for the 3 Rivers Velo Sports club weekend touring rides. Steve P had an accident early in the season and broke his collar bone, a month ago Kathy B wrecked, broke her collar bone and 4 ribs, and today, Hugh wrecked and whacked his cheek bone on a curb in Butler, IN.

We had just stopped at about the 40 mile mark on the 60 miler today. After pulling out of the c-store, the group of 9 stretched out, single file on US 6 leaving Butler. There was enough traffic that we didn't hear folks at the back yelling at us - Patrick, Sean, and I made it 1/2 mile out of town not knowing what had happened. But as we turned south on CR 63, we noticed there was nobody behind us. Walt came riding up a few moments later, saying someone had a flat.

I immediately thought it might be Phil, and headed back to help. Phil had a flat earlier in the ride, and used his spare tube. He didn't have a patch kit, but I did. Since he had 650B tires, nobody else would have a spare tube to help him out. When I got back to town, Steve P and Hugh were working on his flat tire. Hugh had hit a large rock with his rear tire, threw him off balance, and he tumbled to the ground. I noticed his right cheek started to swell pretty quickly, and asked him about it. He thinks he hit it on the ground, but he couldn't really remember falling. Phil said he whacked his cheek on the curb. Walt headed back to the c-store and returned with a bag of ice, which Hugh used on his cheek. I wasn't sure he should continue, but he wanted to get back on the ground. His right had was hurting, but he could use his fingers and ride with it.

We kept an eye on him, and after 4 miles, or so, Steve, Patrick and Hugh took off at a 19mph pace, heading into the wind. They wanted to get Hugh back quicker. But that was too quick of a pace for me, so after 5 or 6 miles of this, Luis and I drifted back and rode back at a more reasonable pace. The group was all back at Leo High School, when Luis and I got back. I waved so long to everyone and rode on home.

We've had some bad accidents this year, and I hope we don't have anymore. I wasn't along on either ride when Steve and Kathy went down. Although Hugh didn't appear to be hurt as bad as they were, it was serious anyway. Just goes to show you how quickly an accident can happen.

Be careful out there!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stress Release

I haven't been on the bike too much lately due to an impending change in our housing situation. It seems the county is going to take our house to widen the road, which means we'll need to move. We've employed the assistance of a lawyer, and for the past several months we've been in negotiations. Well, negotiations are over, papers will be signed Monday, and all will be over, except for the crying.

Alex and I did get out last Tuesday night on the Rivergreenway for a nice, little ride. These warm summer nights have been very nice, although the daytime has been exceptionally hot. I can't imagine how you folks from Missouri to Texas have been handling the extreme heat you've seen. As hot as it's been here, we are nowhere near as hot as you folks.

This morning, I went on the club ride. Michael, of Ear to The Breeze, came up to ride with the club and me today. It felt good to get out and cruise the flatlands east and north of Fort Wayne. We left New Haven, headed up to Hicksville, OH, then over to Spencerville and back to New Haven. That's Micheal, below, on the left. Shortly after this photo was taken, Steve, on the right, broke a spoke in his front wheel. Greg got his wheel trued up enough for him to head back home. Steve's the Touring Director, and so he hated to head back, but Greg, a former bike mechanic, would have none of that. His radially-laced wheel, with aero spokes would not last for the rest of the ride (according to Greg).

Except when we were near the Maumee and St. Joe Rivers, these roads are straight and flat. That meant the group rode fast. And it was a welcome pain to be riding hard again after going a few weeks without pushing myself. Bike therapy. Great stress release.

After several months of house-searching, we found a home and made an offer on it. Yesterday the offer was accepted!

The new house is about 4 miles from here, on the other side of the St. Joe River. So I'll still have my same roads to ride, and the new road to work is a straight 14 mile shot.

Happy riding!