Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wabash & Erie Feeder Canal

This photo was taken behing "The Plex" sporting complex across the St. Joseph River from IPFW. Apparently this feeder canal fed water from the St. Joe River into the Wabash & Erie Canal at its highest point between Toledo, Ohio, and Evansville, Indiana. There was enough water from this feeder to provide water to the canal from just east of the Indiana / Ohio state line, to just west of Huntington.

This is the feeder canal where it intersects with Coliseum Blvd - north side. South of Coliseum Blvd., the canal has been filled in and is now part of the parking lot between the Memorial Coliseum and the former Fort Wayne Wizards baseball stadium.

The feeder canal, I believe, came right through here - at the entrance to Johnny Appleseed Park at Parnell Avenue. I think the canal follows the location of the high-tension power lines here. Straight ahead and to the left up the hill is Johnny Appleseed's burial tribute.

While most the the feeder canal and the actual Wabash & Erie Canal no longer exists, it is important to remember its role in helping to shape our modern society. It is also important the remember the impact it had to the native peoples of this area as European and early American settlers were ushered into the area by the canal.

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