Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweet Corn Season is Here!

I picked up the first sweet corn of the season today up in Auburn where I work. As I speak, water is heating to cook these golden kernels to perfection. Tomatoes are ripening on our vines, so we'll eat some of those tonight also.

I like to think there are three seasons here: Sweet corn season in the summer, Panfish season in the winter, and Mushroom season in the spring. I used to hunt, so I used to celebrate 4 seasons, but three seasons are pretty great still.

Happy riding!


Oldfool said...

We've had sweet corn for a couple of months and this year it was really sweet and tender. I don't know where it comes from. Our tomatoes didn't do well due to drought, flood and crap from the trees. Okra didn't make anything at all.
I have found that it's too expensive to grow anything. I can buy it and get better quality much cheaper.
Fishing is good year round when we get around to it.
Right now it is to hot to do anything. I thought I was going die of heat stroke today just cutting grass. Without air conditioning I would have to move. I don't seem to be as tough as I use to be.
Enjoy it's nearly winter.

Mike J said...

That corn looks reeeeealy good. I love stopping by and picking up some from roadside stands.

Rat Trap Press said...

I love mushrooms! I'm getting hungry.

Big Oak said...

I heard the first locust (cicada) today, which means 6 weeks till the first frost. I think that bug started a month early, but I'm going to eat as many tomatoes and as much corn as I can!

Rantwick said...

What's better than fresh corn on the cob? Nuthin', that's what!