Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indian Summer Ride

Alex and I took the afternoon off from working on the kitchen project to ride the Rivergreenway out to the new Towpath Trail. It was a magnificent day, mostly sunny, 69 degrees, and a gentle southwesterly breeze.

I took Big Orange today, my Schwinn LeTour III that I converted to a fixed gear. I recently wrapped the handlebars with a used inner tube, then used some spongy tape from Planet Bike on top of the tube wrap.

Here's the new trail that connects to the new Towpath Trail. Although this section is not called the Towpath Trail, this is where the Wabash and Erie Canal once flowed. It has since been filled in. This is the grand portage between the Great Lakes and the Wabash River which flows into the Mississippi. This was a very strategic location early in the westward expansion of our country.

Here's Alex and the end of the trail

On the way back we found this sign posted next to a small bridge that crossed a section of the canal still in place. I didn't see any trolls.

Hope the weather was good for all of you out there today!

Happy riding!


Steve A said...

The trolls get less active as the days get shorter. Great photos!

Mike J said...

That's interesting what you did to your handlebars. I bet it gives you plenty of cushion.

jeff said...

Great day for a ride, but trolls? Are they fast?

Big Oak said...

Thanks Steve, I don't know much about them.

Mike, yes, it's nice and spongy.

Jeff, I don't know, didn't see any.

Apertome said...

It was an incredible Indian Summer weekend here, too ... and yes, my camping trip was awesome, thanks for asking. I'll do a full writeup soon.

Very cool that you have the River Greenway and Towpath trails. We don't have much like that here yet, although we do have a couple things now and I think more is in the works.

Big Oak said...

Apertome - you may not have a Rivergreenway, but you have Brown County State Park, Morgan-Monroe State Forest, Yellowwood State Forest, Hoosier National Forest, etc.!

Rantwick said...

Random act of Troll signage! I wonder if I have Trolls under the musical bridge? I hope so...