Monday, December 7, 2009

First Snow

We received the first measurable snow of the year - about 1 inch. Did not ride to work today (haven't for three weeks now). I was thinking of riding this morning, and charged my light battery for the commute. But with the snow and slick roads (no studded tires yet), I unplugged the charger and got in my truck.

One day soon, I'm tellin' ya, I'll get back on the bike to work plan. I did ride a little yesterday (Sunday) after supper and had a good time. This weekend was a work weekend on two of the public disc golf courses. Of course, being a disc golf junkie, I managed to get in several rounds.

The nice thing about this time of year is the temperature is staying cold enough now to freeze the lakes. Ice fishing soon for Bill! Some people are out already, but I take great pride in staying on top of the water.

Happy riding!


Oldfool said...

I thought of you a couple of days ago when I was so bravely riding in 50 degree weather with a 10 mph wind out of the north. Sorry that's all I can manage and I know it ain't jack.
The way I was dressed you would have thought I was expecting a blizzard. I'm so soft.

rlove2bike said...

People ice fishing down that way already??!!! Some of our lakes were getting covered over late last week. I am thinking next weekend, we may venture out. Like you were saying...I perfer to walk on the top of the water and not to swim with the fishes.

Rantwick said...

Riding in snow, particularly on a path most will abandon until Spring, is THE BEST. I'm still waiting for a decent snow, and I'm in Canada for pete's sake!

Big Oak said...

Oldfool - remember, spring time is coming soon for you. Maybe a couple months?

rlove - yes, I know guys that say 1 1/2 inches is enough if you use boards. The only areas fishable right now are small coves protected from the wind.

Rantwick - yes, I'm psyched about trying that. I'd like to have some studded tires before I try that though.

Apertome said...

As long as it's not too icy, you should be fine riding in snow with just knobby tires, if you already have some. I've done a fair amount of snowy riding, and I don't have studded tires. There are definitely times when I wish I had some, though ...