Friday, June 4, 2010

Back on the saddle

I took a spin on the Schwinn Continental tonight, just before the rains came (again). Riding this week has been sparse. Travel for work, extra hours, etc. Anyway, I did make it to the bike club meeting last night. The club started a new thing - during the warm weather months the bike club will be sponsoring a pre-meeting ride lasting about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. I showed up on the Schwinn last night and got many chuckles from the other riders.

The funny thing is, the Continental was probably the best bike to be riding on that ride. We rode through downtown Fort Wayne up through the north part of the city. The old Schwinn kept up with the road bikes, and easily out-paced the mountain bikes.

The rivers flooded last week, and so much of the Rivergreenway trails were under water until a couple days ago. There was a thick coating of wet silt deposited on the trail, which made for very slippery riding. But the Schwinn handled the mud easily. The road bikes took a different route, but I followed the mountain bikers. The mountain bikers had to stop to clean the mud out of their brakes and off their chain stays because their knobby tires picked up oodles of mud. Not the Schwinn!

The sun came out for a very short time before the rain came.

The Schwinn rides again!

While the sun was out, this photo presented itself.

Happy riding!

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rlove2bike said...

Doesn't matter what you're ride it sounds like you had as much fun as could be had. A side note, we could use a little of that extra water you have.