Sunday, January 16, 2011

Camera Craps Out

Well, actually the battery pack does whenever it gets cold. I went for a ride this lovely, sunny morning, but it is recorded for posterity only in my brain. And don't count on it being there long.

I don't know if the battery pack is really dying, or if it just doesn't like the cold. It works OK in the house, but after the camera is outside for even a little while the battery pack fails. I guess I need to keep it warmer.

I bought a helmet mirror yesterday at a nearby general sporting goods store. I mounted it this morning before the ride, and I was impressed how well I could see out of that dime-sized piece of reflective plastic. Will try to post a photo after my camera battery is warmed up and recharged.

On the weight front, I've lost 31 pounds since Oct 1. Only 12 more pounds to my goal! I gained a pound last week after being off at a conference for three days. Lots of "regular" food and beer, although I was able to moderate my consumption.

We've gotten some snow last week, and wind yesterday, so the roads are so-so. But it was good to get out anyway, especially while everyone was in church (although the churches I passed didn't look too full).

Happy riding!


jeff said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Very impressive. And if it's too cold for your camera battery to work, I say it's too cold to ride. But that's just me.

Steve A said...

I'm very impressed by the weight loss. It MORE than makes up for all the stuff you've been sticking on your bike.

FWIW, you may be able to get an affordable battery on eBay. Once I got one, I keep a fully charged battery as a spare and run the one in the camera until it's dead.

PS: The instructions for Velo Orange fenders might be a little better!

Big Oak said...

Jeff, thanks, and I figure if I ride while it's really cold, the rest of the year will be easy riding. Well, easier.

Steve - You joke about me putting stuff on my bike, but I did calculate the weights of some of the good stuff I can put on my bike, like a handlebar bag and a larger saddle bag.

John Romeo Alpha said...

The weight loss progress is very impressive, stay on track, the goal is within reach for sure.

Trevor Woodford said...

I echo the other comments - well done on your weight loss.

Re: the battery- I always carry a spare and do the same as Steve A

Chandra said...

Awesome job on the weight loss front!

Peace :)