Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dry Roads

We've had a couple of days with high temps above 32F, and the sun came out briefly this afternoon. Plus the low last night was pretty warm also. The roads dried out this afternoon, and I was on them!

I rode southeast to Woodburn, then back north past Harlan, and then north of Grabill. This is just north of downtown Woodburn. Apparently this isn't Woodburn's photographic side.

This is the Maumee at Bull Rapids. The river broke up in the middle of the week, and the rapids are under maybe 10 feet of water or so. The snowmelt is causing flooding, and the rivers are expected to continue rising.

We're getting a thunderstorm right now - I just saw lightning out the window. Oh, I heard my first red-winged blackbird call of the year on my ride today.

It was great to get out again. I hope you can too.

Happy riding!


rlove2bike said...

Nice that you could get out. It looks as though you have some nice quiet roads to ride around your area. We have been going through a lot of bird seed this year. We are in to our 3rd bag of Niger seed at 16lbs a piece and we started the winter with 200 lbs of Black Oil seeds of which I put the last out Red Wing Blackbirds though. :-)

Anonymous said...

Today, the downtown core of Vancouver received its first snowfall of 2011, a real drag.. just as Feb is moving into March too. No dry roads here, but hope they return soon. Its nice that you were able to get out.

Jon said...

Spring is one day closer, every day. Nice to see the weather giving you guys a break.

Apertome said...

Looks like a great ride ... I love riding on overcast days like that. It's odd to hear you describe the conditions there, here things have been pretty mild/warmish for the past couple of weeks.

Big Oak said...

rlove2bike - We've gone through quite a bit of seed, too. I saw and heard the first sandhill crane today. Birds are moving now, and that's a good sign.

PaddyAnne - hopefully it'll melt soon for you.

Jon - that's what my mom says, and she's right.

Michael - yes, there's quite a difference between no. Indiana and so. Indiana. I can understand why there were big glaciers here at one time.

Steve A said...

What's the point of having fenders if the roads are just gonna go all dry on you?

OTOH, its a pain to get them all clogged up with mud anyway. Nice looking outing.


Robert said...

Just checking in with you. It's good to see you are still writing and riding. I looked at Phillip's site tonight too. Like I said to him, "why did I stop reading your blog?"

Let me know if you ever get to Utah or north Florida.

Big Oak said...

Steve, I was thinking the same thing, but then I came to my senses. They won't be dry for long. With the snow, melting snow, freezing rain, melting snow, etc. the last couple weeks, the roads have been icy in the mornings.

Hey Robert - thanks for stopping by again. Yes, still riding and writing. Thanks also for the offer to visit. I don't know when I'll be in Utah or Florida, but I'll try to look you up when I go.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I am all for riding in variable conditions, but slush I cannot abide, so the dry road pictures warm my heart. A solid freeze, or a solid warm are OK, it's those in-betweens that getcha.

Big Oak said...

JRA - I agree, slush isn't any fun at all.