Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday Ride

After I got home from last weekend's brevet, I noticed some heavy streaking on my new Pasela TG tires. It's from the brake pads wearing, and the residue washing across the sidewalls as I cruised down those monster hills in southern Ohio.

I scrubbed the tires with dish soap and a brush, but couldn't get all of it off. I re-mounted the Conti Gatorskins, as I want to save the Paselas for the 600K brevet, coming up in two weeks.

I went on the club ride today, a 55-miler which left from the south end of Fort Wayne, headed southwest to Huntington, then back east through Ossian and then back north. Here's a photo of the group in happier times - a dandy tail wind which took us to the half-way point.

After the half-way point, a stout headwind from the southeast separated the speedsters from the randonneur (me). I was able to regroup with 6 others later in the ride, but I just don't have the speed these other guys have. Usually when Waterloo Matt shows up, the pace is way too fast for me. He is such a strong rider, and several of the other guys try to match his speed.

My training and randonneuring experience has prepared me to have fun in any bike situation, so even though I was dropped, I still had a great time. It is fun to ride with a group of people, but it's just fun to be out on the bike. Period.

The is the first day this year that felt like summer. Sun and warmth!

Happy riding!



Steve A said...

How are the Paselas? They are about the only foldable 27" tire around.

rlove2bike said...

The road in the group picture looks ideal to ride. I like roads like that. Looks to be a very good time.

Pondero said...

Here's wishing you health and fitness for the upcoming 600k. It sounds like you have a great perspective for these long rides, and I hope you enjoy the experience.

Big Oak said...

Steve - I really like the Paselas. I had a pair of the regular (not Tour Guard, which has the Kevlar protection) and found them to be very comfortable tires, even when pumped up to the recommended 105 psi for the 28mm tires. The Tour Guards ride with the same feel, plus they really seem to grip the road.

rlove2bike - yes, many of the roads on this ride are in very good condition. We rode many miles on pavement that was new last summer. Still very smooth.

Pondero - thanks, I have the perspective for at least 400K. We'll see what the 600K brings!

Apertome said...

I have Pasela TourGuard 700x35 tires on my LHT. They're great, I'm a big fan. But yes, they do show dirt a lot. I tend not to worry about it. Not sure why you feel the need to "save" them for the 600K, though, they seem to be durable.

Big Oak said...

Apertome - I'm not worried about the dirt either, just an observation. I am worried, however, about tires. Since my tire experience at RAIN last year, I don't want ever want to repeat that again (3 flats on old, worn-out tires). Especially when I'm out alone on a brevet with nobody to come get me or help me out.

twofeetofftheasphalt said...

You're spot on when you say, "it's good to be out on a bike." I keep reminding myself I'm not out here to impress anyone. I just want to enjoy the ride and the scenery.

Chandra said...

Glad you had a great ride!
I can not ride very fast, but I don't care and like you I enjoy the ride, no matter how slow/fast I ride. It is about being out and having fun for me!

I considered the Panaracer Pasela before getting the Marathon Extreme's for my Thorn.

Peace :)