Friday, July 1, 2011

Ride Instead of Work

I took the day off today so I could go on a long ride. I headed out at 7:30 this morning, and pointed the bike toward Ohio for no particular reason. It seemed like a good idea to head toward the sun, apparently.

This is C192 in Paulding County, Ohio, along the Maumee River (it's behind the trees to the right side of the photo, below). This is one of my favorite roads. In a flat landscape with square roads, a curvy river is a great place to ride.

Below is a road I've wanted to ride for over 30 years, but didn't dare try because of the heavy traffic. This used to be the only route between Fort Wayne and Toledo. It used to be known for its long string of semi trucks and speeding cars trying to pass. But now it's all mine as new US 24 is open.

Here's the shiny, new US 24.

For miles it is possible to see several different towns at any one spot from their water towers. In the center is a water tower below. Let's ride to it to see what town belongs to it.


Back toward the Ohio line is the wind farm. There are somewhere around 40 operating wind mills here. Eventually, there are supposed to be over 200 wind mills.

Directly across from one of the wind mills is this horse farm.

The wheat is ripe now. I saw one combine out today.

Back in Indiana. I didn't see any snowmobiles today.

The weather all week has been great, although my work schedule prevented me from getting in many miles. I made up for that today.

Happy riding!


Apertome said...

What fun! We've had great weather this week here, too. I'm always shocked at how different the terrain is just a few hours north of here. Curvy river road = fun indeed.

limom said...

I should bail out of work more often.

John Romeo Alpha said...

You had me at "Ride Instead of Work".

Big Oak said...

Michael - yes, and I'm really looking forward to riding in the forests and hills of So. Indiana tomorrow!

limom - you and me both.

JRA - Ha! I think I could get used to doing that.

rlove2bike said...

Flat landscape, oooohhhhh sounds nice. I try hard to avoid the heavy traffic roads too.