Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shaved Marbles

Well, we've completed our move. Man, moving and trying to work are pretty tough, especially when Alex and I tried to maintain our regular work schedules. Pack in the evenings, work in the day. On move day, a week ago last Friday, we ended up throwing stuff in boxes at 5 in the morning. Fortunately, we have understanding friends and family who helped us move stuff we've both accumulated through 50 years of life. Now, we have most of the boxes unpacked and the stuff put away. Come home from work, unpack boxes.

Our two cats and mixed-up hound dog made the move well and the four-legged family actually likes the new house very much. We did shave Marbles, our old long-haired cat, because he isn't able to clean himself as well as he used to. He prances around like a Capuchin monkey now. I had no idea he is as small as he is. Since the weather's cooled dramatically, he hangs close to us now to gather any excess body heat we give off.

My bike commute is now less than 15 miles each way, which means I can now get to work a half-hour sooner. I miss the old route though.

I'll be posting more bike-related stuff from now on. This move has been hanging over our heads for a long time, and I'm glad we finally have it complete.

Thanks, Ron, for checking on us. We are doing very well.

Happy riding!



Steve A said...

I dread our next move. Glad to hear yours is done.

DAN said...


John Romeo Alpha said...

Move is a four-letter word.

RANTWICK said...

Marbles is an excellent cat name.

Chandra said...

That's very cute kitty! We have never shaved our cats, although I have entertained using Nair on'em sometimes (in my bad dreams).

Glad to hear y'all are done movin'! That's got to be a big relief.

Enjoy your new digs!

Peace :)

springfieldcyclist.com said...

Man, I can't imagine moving. When we built our house 21 years ago, it was with the idea of dieing there, and that's still the plan.

I seem to recall, however, that yours was a move for the betterment of all, so I guess it was just in the cards.

Rest, then get back on the bike!

rlove2bike said...

Congratulations on the new home!! I would hate to think of us moving. It would not be pretty.