Saturday, October 22, 2011

1st Club Ride in a While

It's been a month or so since I rode my last club ride, what with the move and all. But today I rode with the club on a 45 miler. And it was sweet to be out applying rubber to the road again with other people.

All of the packing, then moving, then unpacking has been consuming most of my free time in the evenings and on the weekends, so that didn't leave too much time for biking. But that's all behind us now, so there's miles of biking ahead for Big Oak.

Our ride today left from Huntertown and headed up to Waterloo, and then back.

The riders were all faster than I was today, so this was a common view for me today. Kathy, just up ahead on the right, broke several ribs this summer in a bike crash. She's back to riding almost full speed again. I rode the last 10 miles or so with Bernie, just ahead on the left. His legs weren't feeling the best today, either, and we had many short, but steep hills, plus a pretty strong southwest wind.

After we got back to Huntertown, I gave Bernie a lift home. I picked up this used Honda Element, mainly so I could haul bikes around easily. And it also fits in our garage (my truck didn't). It also gets much better gas mileage.

Bernie's bike at his home. I thought you folks would like to look at it. It's a Rivendell, but I don't know the model. It might be a Saluki. It was made by Joe Stark, when he was still building frames for Rivendell. He's got Campy derailleurs, Campy rear hub, and a TA crank. A beaut to steel-frame junkies like me. Nobody else in the club rides a Rivendell. Bernie also has a beautiful early 90's Eddie Merckx, with chromed fork ends and chromed seat and chain stays.

I'm a little bummed the nights are getting dark so early now. Once the time changes in two weeks, there will be almost no light left when I get home from work. Got to think of a project for the winter.

Hope you folks are able to get out and ride.

Happy riding!


jeff said...

Looks like it was a great day for a ride. And that is a beautiful bike. The color looks like my Surly CrossCheck, but mine isn't pimped out so nicely.

Big Oak said...

Jeff - yes, it's a great-looking bike, and it's functional too.

Pondero said...

Good to hear you are getting back into a routine, and out with the group. That must be a sweet feeling after so much work.

Jon said...

I love the Honda Element. Have you seen the pop-top modification that turns it into a camper?

Trevor said...

Always good to get out for a ride with other club members....well earned after so much work.
That is certainly a nice looking bike there...!!


Big Oak said...

Pondero - Yes it is!

Jon - yes I have, although I'm not planning to buy one, it looks cool. This car is the first vehicle that remotely reminds me of my first vehicle, a VW Bus.

Trevor - Thanks!

rlove2bike said...

Looks and sounds like fun!! I miss riding with a group, although the groups I rode with were rarely more than 7 or 8, most of the time 3 or 4. Now, all my riding is alone, but I make sure I chat up anyone I meet along the way.

Sweet bike!!

Thanks for the write-up

Chandra said...

Nice ride and yes a great ride <- the honda element :)

Paz :)