Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Use for the Schwinn

This was the sunrise yesterday morning on my way to work.

Tonight (Wed. night) is disc golf league night. I've got my new machine ready for use.

My other bikes have drop handlebars, which I like, but I really like to sit up with these bars. The plain, rat trap pedals allow me to wear my favorite shoes for disc golf. I can hop off my bike at the park and start playing.

The city has added a bike lane in Shoaff Park, where the course is located. I love it!


Mike J said...

That sounds like a fun ride. After taking a closer look at your bike that looks like a pretty tall frame. I'd never fit on that thing.

Big Oak said...

It's a 26" frame, I believe. I'm 6'4", so all my bikes have big frames.