Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Run to the Store

I made my first run to the grocery last night on the Schwinn Continental. The store is just under 3 miles away, right down this road.

At the store, lock in place. I probably don't need to lock it, but I'm not taking any chances.

Groceries in place. Only needed a gallon of milk, gallon of distilled water, and some cereal bars (I eat one after I get to work). Still, I would have driven down to the store to get these things. I don't ride my Tri Cross to the store anymore since I installed Look-style pedals. The cleats on my shoes are too tough to walk in. The beauty of this bike is I can wear regular clothes, regular shoes, and blend right in with the locals.

I can't get over the chrome on this baby.

The sun came out for just a moment, long enough for me to catch some rays bouncing off of the chrome.

OK, I think I'm done obsessing now.

Happy riding!


331 Miles said...

Love it, and kudos on the new bike as well as using it for transportation (as opposed to recreation, like me).

I have a ton of shopping options about 3 miles away, but it requires riding on a very busy road, and I'm not comfortable towing the kiddo on this road. I hate that I feel this way.

Mike J said...

Like the bike. I think we had one of those at our house when I was a kid.

Jon said...

If you ever need it, I have that exact fork in the fork bucket, out in the shop building.

You're putting the Conti to great use. Good to see the old American iron on the road.

Big Oak said...

Jon - yes I am interested, please email me at billlmbrt at gmail dot com. I have a couple questions, thanks.

331 - busy roads are a bummer. My road to the store is becoming much busier since 3 new HUGE home subdivisions are going in.

Thanks Mike - I used to have a Schwinn Collegiate, this new bike is set up and feels similar (as near as I can remember, anyway).

jeff said...

Nice setup! I really like the idea of using a bike instead of a car for errands.

rlove2bike said...

N i c e