Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gratifying Wednesday Night

I am an avid disc golfer, and usually play in two or three leagues at a time. One of my disc golf buddies came up to me tonight and excitedly told me he purchased a bike this past weekend and has been riding it every day since he bought it.

This is an especially big deal to me since he has been out of a job for some time, then recently got a job working only a few hours a week. He's been in the dumps for quite a while, but tonight he made a special point to run up to tell me about his bike. That's the happiest I've seen him in a long time.

I had no idea he would even be interested in riding a bike. I often ride my bike to Wednesday league night, but he has no idea I ride my bike to work or to other places, or go on organized rides. Just the simple act of riding to league night apparently was inspiring to him.

So, you biking addicts out there, you are positive forces in this world. You may never know who you are influencing. But rest assured, people see you biking and they might think why can't I?


Mike J said...

It's nice to know that not everyone thinks us cyclists are totally nuts.

Jon said...

Even though a large number of us are... ;-)

Big Oak said...

Well, the non-cyclists probably don't think we're nuts as long as they don't get to know us. But that's what's cool about biking - you begin biking and like it so much that before long, you're nuts. (At least crazy about biking.)

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

I hope your friend has good luck--wish him well for me!

Cheers! Bruce