Sunday, June 7, 2009

Put More Bark in your Bike

I've been wondering about getting my dog into biking. I believe he needs more exercise, or at least more mental stimulation. He is a house dog, but he spends the entire day outside, and we try to get him out in the woods or to a park as often as we can. Adventure Cycling (of which I am a member), sent me this in their bike bits. My dog would need an extra large sized basket. As you can see, I don't think he is very excited about this idea.


jeff said...

That would be a good workout.

Mike J said...

That would be a great workout. It would probably kill my dog though. Good luck.

Jon said...

Your dog, like my dog Oswald, looks more like a "pipe and slippers by the fire" dog than he does a trail runner.

Of course, the same could be said of me, at times. ;-)

Thanks for your kind comments about the race, BTW.

Paddy's Peleton said...

I have seen that same look, but its normally reserved for when I have suggested something that involves great exertion, (Not particularly restricted to dogs)

Big Oak said...

I think I'm going to leave the dog at home. He is so fidgety that I don't think he could sit still in a basket, especially if he sees another dog.

He does have priceless expressions at times.