Sunday, September 27, 2009

Editorial Comment

Parade Magazine ran a bike-related article in this morning's paper. Columbia, Missouri's Mayor Hindman is to be commended for his efforts to make his town more bike friendly. I believe the simplicity of his message is the secret to the success of such an investment in Columbia's bicycling infrastructure. His message is attractive for people no matter what their political persuasion.

Mayor Hindman has identified three big problems our society faces:

1) Reliance on foreign oil
2) Childhood obesity
3) Life isn't as much fun

If we are to advance our pedal-pushing so that our cities and counties and states make places safer and more convenient for us to ride (and of course encourage everyone to bike!) then it is important that we identify and repeat messages like Mayor Hindman's to our lawmakers that are politically neutral.

We have much to gain if we keep our messages simple and appealing to everyone.

Happy riding!


Steve A said...

Well said. Bicycles should not be a partisan concern. But they SHOULD BE a concern.

Mike J said...

I love reason number 3. Life isn't as much fun! Amen to that.

Chandra said...

awesome...especially cool to know this given i lived in columbia when i went to mizzou.

cool post!

peace :)

ChipSeal said...

Even without "bicycle infrastructure", cycling is a safe activity. How else do you explain all the scofflaw cycling behavior around us and the low injury/death rate?

Cycling on the public road is NOT a dangerous activity.