Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cedar Canyon Ride

On my ride today, I passed through Cedar Canyon, just north of Fort Wayne. It's not remarkable for any reason other than there are trees on both sides of the road for a mile. That's a rare thing in northern Indiana's farm country. Here's my first try at publishing a You Tube video.

I rode 27 miles outside today, while my Valentine rode the stationary bike today at the gym.


rlove2bike said...

Awesome...Nice scenery and it looked like you were really moving...but what goes down most always goes back up. Good job.

Steve A said...

Cedar Canyon, isn't that in Utah rather than Indiana?

Rantwick said...

Very nice! It made me want to go out and ride somewhere other than on the dirty city streets...

I love classical music combined with bike video. It just works somehow.


Big Oak said...

rlove2bike - I wasn't moving that fast. Maybe since the trees were close to the road it looked faster. I'll have to remember that for future videos.

Steve - yea, probably. I bet it looks a lot different than Indiana. Cedar Canyon (here, not Utah) was created by water washing through clay, sand and gravel deposited during the last glacial period.

Rantwick - I think I've heard of [cansoons], I'll see if I can put a video to some of his music. Our country roads here are dirty also, mostly with salt and sand applied. Fortunately it's been dry here most of the winter so riding has been good.