Sunday, February 7, 2010

Church Commute

In my effort to ride my bike more, I decided today would be my first ride of the year to the meeting house. We have a few folks in the congregation who ride bikes on warm Sundays, but nobody has ridden in this winter.

It is interesting to note that one of the best riders in northeast Indiana showed up in service today. This was his first visit to our little congregation, so I was happy to give him a tour of our facility. I don't know if he'll come back, but he'll always be welcome.

On the way home, I passed by Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne campus.

I couldn't help but ride onto the new pedestrian bridge over the St. Joe River to take a picture of my horse.

We've been in a snow drought for most of the winter, but looks like that may change this Tuesday, with "significant snow accumulation" forecast. We'll have to wait and see. The big snow that blanketed Washington DC two days ago passed well off to our south, so we only got a bit of snow and a bunch of wind.

Happy riding!


rlove2bike said...

I think it is great that people ride bike to church. I cannot think of ever seeing a bicycle at church in our little town. I bet you got some interesting comments.

Chandra said...

glad you got to ride in the snow, which you don't mind! i have never ridden to a temple (or church). the bridge photo with your horse is a very nice shot! you selling copies? :)

peace :)

Big Oak said...

rlove2bike - yea, one lady asked me, "do you know it's kind of snowy", which I replied, "yes, it is snowy in places". The roads are all plowed and dry, with the exception of neighborhood streets, which are packed, but in decent shape.

Chandra - if you do ride to your place of worship, you may want to take an extra shirt. I was cold when I started out, but when I got to church, I was really sweaty. I wished I had had an extra shirt with me.