Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hoosier Hoser Tournament

Today, the first Saturday in March, was the 10th (we think) annual Hoosier Hoser Disc Golf Tournament. The weather could not have been more perfect - afternoon high of 45 degrees with nothing but sun and light wind. The morning started off a little chilly, in the upper teens, but warmed quickly.

Bikes and Boards hosted the tournament, and provided a generous lunch in between rounds. Bikes and Boards is about 5 years old, and is building a sizable recreational biking business. Paul (not in the picture), is a young, but knowledgeable wrench who is helping the shop's business grow. Today he showed me the large number of projects he is working on for customers. I am sorry I did not think to take a picture. These yayhoos are disc golfers.

I road the Tricross down to the tournament and back home. I broke my chain on Thursday night, but picked up a new Ultegra chain Friday at Bikes and Boards. New chains shift so nicely!

Happy riding!


jeff said...

Sounds like fun!

rlove2bike said...

I have never tried the disc golf...I do swat the little white ball around on the regular golf though. Looks like a fun event! !

Big Oak said...

rlove2bike - the Disc Golf World Championships were held two years ago at Highbridge, WI, just south of Ashland. It's like regular golf, a lot of fun, especially when you are playing well. Frustrating when you are not.