Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You Can't Stop Ma Nature

Today was a magnificent day - temps in the mid-60's, no wind, no clouds. On the way home from work tonight, I rode past the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum. This is where these cars were built back in the 1920's. You probably heard the expression, "Wow, that's a Deusy", well, that is a reference to the Duesenberg cars. Deusy's were large cars with massive engines - up to 12 cylinders.

Behind the ACD Museum is the National Automobile and Truck Museum which highlights advancements in truck design.

The St. Joe River is finally receding. Many farm fields along the river have been flooded the last week, but fortunately the water never rose high enough to threaten anyone's home.

It's hard to believe that a little more than a week ago this wetland was frozen and covered with snow. The chorus frogs are out today - take a listen:

Happy riding!


rlove2bike said...

I haven't heard any frogs yet, so it was nice to hear them...although I rode in the city tonight with a friend of mine and we heard 2 horns. I suspect the frogs will be out around here soon.

Rat Trap Press said...

I'm glad you guys didn't have too much trouble with flooding unlike Fargo.

I would love to see the Duesenberg museum. Those were awesome cars.

Oldfool said...

No frog chorus here yet but I did see one today in the potting soil. It didn't seem to care for me at all.
The monster Armadillo is rooting up my yard.
The lizards are coming out of hiding and the Cardinals are three days gone to the north.
I had a young red tail hawk in my oak trees today. Big as an adult but a clumsy flier and complains a lot.

Chandra said...

i heard some frogs last weekend. warmer days is just round the corner, amen!

peace :)

Apertome said...

I am missing many a magnificent riding day. Thanks for recording the frogs and sharing, since I can't get out and experience such things myself right now, it is nice to enjoy them vicariously. Frogs are great.