Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Day

It was a great day today (yesterday too), with a high of 81F, albeit briefly. I was in Indianapolis today for a meeting, so no bike commute, but I rode tonight.

Look Ma, no long pants or long sleeve shirt!

The south wind has been blowing hard the last two days, but by sundown it had moderated. I am getting used to riding in the drops again.

I've been getting a lot of good bike commuting in the last three weeks. Pondero's S240 has given me the camping bug. I am going to try one soon at Chain 'O Lakes State Park. Maybe a longer trip this summer.

Happy riding!


rlove2bike said...

We have made some bicycle camping trips, but had never heard of a S240. I think we may have to try that also. Sounds like fun. Thanks

Pondero said...

Good luck with the camping plan. I hope you'll give us details on the near term, and summer outings.

Apertome said...

I rode to Chain'O'Lakes from Fort Wayne a couple years ago. Not loaded, nor did I camp, just rode there and back. Very interesting park! Looking forward to reading about your camping trip, when you do it.

We've had a hell of a wind the past few days as well, coming out of the north. Today it was no weaker, but from the south. Odd.

Apertome said...

Here's my blog post about my ride to Chain'o'Lakes.

Big Oak said...

rlove2bike & Pondero - I'll be sure to post about my experiences.

Michael - I've learned to appreciate the smooth roads, for sooner or later, they all seem to turn to gravel. I really liked your ride description of Chain 'O Lakes. I'm familiar with those roads, and my aunt lives on Blue Lake. Like most of the kettle lakes around here, there aren't many beaches, just cottages around the edges.