Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Garrison Keillor in Fort Wayne

Garrison Keillor last night said, "God made March so that non-drinkers would know what a hang-over feels like".

We saw Garrison at the Embassy Theater in Fort Wayne. He did a two-hour, stand-up show and it was fantastic! Alex and I have been listening, on and off, for the past 26 years to "A Prairie Home Companion", and I've read several of his books. We'd like to get up to the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul where he does his live radio show before he retires.


Oldfool said...

Been listening to Prarie Home Companion since 1977 or thereabouts. Long enough that I can sometimes say his lines before he does. I got started because I flew Minneapolis so much that I understood what he was talking about.

Chandra said...
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Chandra said...

You lucky bike :)

His show kicks ass! I listen to him almost all weekends!! I went to his book release "Love Me" in St. Louis and met him. This was a perk to supporters of the STL Public Library and the event was really nice.

His move, "A Prairie Home Companion", was a lot of fun too.

Peace :)

The Old Bag said...

love the March quote

does that mean us beer-drinkers get a double whammy during the month??

Big Oak said...

Old Bag - Yes, especially if it's been a long, snowy winter!