Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life in the Jetstream

We were blasted by a brutal wind all day yesterday. The jetstream is on the move, and I'll take the wind for now, as it works its way to the north. Eventually, as the jetstream settles into its summer pattern, we'll be entitled to warmer weather. But so far, it's been a slow warmup.

The ducks are coming back in large numbers. But ice is preventing them from using lakes. Look at the black spots on this flooded field. Them R Ducks!

I wish I could blame this on the cold wind. But it looks like this when it's warm also. If I adjust my mirror just right, I can do my own dental work!

Just as I whipped out the camera to photograph them, a male and female bufflehead popped off this flooded spot, right next to Little Cedar Creek. They will be heading north very soon.

Outdoor hockey season is over. This temporary rink is on my way to and from work. Within a month the owner will be mowing under there.

The Cedarville Reservoir is completely ice-free now. The last bits of ice broke up yesterday in the big wind.

Warmer weather is coming.

Happy riding!


Trevor Woodford said...

Looks like Spring is on the way....!!


Steve A said...

I must say the Internet is very educational. I'd never heard of a bufflehead and now I'd recognize one should it cross my path.

rlove2bike said...

S l o w l y making it's way north. We will be waiting.

Big Oak said...

rlove2bike - well, you guys are, like in a different world way up there (I know having lived there). I would feel for you, but you natives up there don't feel the cold the way everyone else does!

Apertome said...

We had some strong winds this weekend, too, though here it was close to 60 on Saturday. Amazing!

I didn't know what a bufflehead was, either. Thanks for the enlightenment!