Sunday, March 11, 2012


I rode yesterday morning, leaving at sun-up to make the most of the day. It was supposed to get up to 50F yesterday, so I thought by leaving early I could get a nice, long ride in. At the start it was 25F, and a pretty lively SE wind was blowing. By the time I got out 20 miles, all into the wind, I began to think how important it was for me to get home to clean out the garage. So, I turned around and headed back home so I could tackle the garage. I got home and the temp was still only 28. Glad I didn't go any further. I had frost-bitten my toes and 4 fingers. First time that's happened all winter.

Anyway, I ate a snack, then Mrs. Oak and I headed out to do some pre-migration birding. Darn, we didn't make it back in time for me to work on the garage.

So, this morning I headed into the garage with my Mustang Island coffee cup (a souvenir from our Texas trip a couple weeks ago) full of coffee to begin organizing and cleaning. Before I started though, I thought it might be good to rebuild the axles on my grey Trek. I took the bearings out, cleaned them, re-greased them, and then re-adjusted the bearing cones. A simple project for most, but it took me several hours. I had to refill my Mustang Island coffee cup (I don't think I mentioned how much coffee it holds - it is really big!), then make a piece of peanut butter toast. After all that coffee, I took bathroom break, and another cup of coffee. Well, I dinked at it for a while, but eventually got everything back together. By the time I finished adjusting the brakes, it was early afternoon, and the sun was shining, and the temp had climbed into the 50's!

So off into the wilds of NE Indiana I bounded, grey Trek and I, headed for who-knows-where. I figured it might be good to get in some hill climbing, so I headed west of my home, toward the lake country.

About 10 miles out I had a flat, so I pulled over and quickly changed the tube.

As I inspected my old, worn Pasela TG rear tire, I found at least three holes of which any one may have been the culprit. Tiny pieces of wire were in two, and a small, sharp rock was in the third hole. The Pasela's served me very well in last year's rando rides, and for the summer with the home club's weekend rides. But they are now worn and not looking so good anymore.

I am so glad I took my blue Trek yesterday - with the new Gatorskin tires I installed two weeks ago, a flat tire yesterday would have crippled me. Being the proud randonneur, I wouldn't have called for help. But with numb hands, it would have taken quite a long time to change the tube.

But look at this shiny rear hub! I cleaned it up when I re-packed the axle this morning. Cleaned up the freewheel too.

Soon, I was on my way again, tooling down County Road 68.

The temp got up to 60F today, and was the nicest day we've had all year. Mrs. Oak and I took dog out for a long walk when I got back. It is good to hear the robins once again sing!

I hope you folks got out to ride this weekend.

Happy riding!

Oh, no, the garage still isn't cleaned out.


rlove2bike said...

The last sentence answered my question. :-) The quality time with Mrs Oak far out weights a clean garage.

I had been using Michelin Pro Race 3 on the road bikes but am now going to the gators. I have them on the road tandem and they have worked well, so yesterday I ordered up a set for the Giant OCR.

Thanks for the post!!

Chandra said...

Good job, repacking the bearings and such. Not a lot of people are that handy (I don't know how to do that). We are in the mid 70s to 80s next week. Hope y'all get some enjoyable weather soon as well.

Paz :)

Steve A said...

Robins out and about is a better sign of Spring than any groundhog nonsense!

jeff said...

The garage will still be there next weekend, that's my theory. I had a couple odd jobs around the house on Saturday that weren't as important as the basketball games on TV. I'll have to get to them before Thursday or it could be a while.

Pondero said...

I can't quite find the right set of circumstances to clean my garage either. Too hot, too cold, too tired, hungry, busy, sleepy, etc. Besides, when conditions are just right, I've got to be out on the bike.

Apertome said...

Sounds like you've got your priorities in order! Glad you're getting some riding in, and I know it's still warm, at least here, so hopefully conditions will be great for you for some time now!

DAN said...


limom said...

I'd rather ride my bicycle than clean the garage.
Good move.

Miles Stoneman said...

If I'm not mistaken, that "incoming" clip on the stem is the one I gave you when you came to Marion. Perhaps I'm wrong and you got a good deal on a half dozen of them at Staples. In any case, good to see you're at it. As for hubs, I take mine into the shop. I hate messing with cones. I never get them right.

DAN said...

I have not yet had a flat far from the place that I am leaving.

Wilson said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.
The rumor is that everything is "big" in Texas and I suppose coffee is no exception.