Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Great South Wind

Spring is coming. Barreling its way in, like a freight train, on massive south winds. This morning, we went from 28 deg F to 60 deg F in a little over an hour. It'll get plenty cold again, but I've tasted spring, and I have hope.

Not that it's been miserable here. In fact, the entire winter has been very mild. The coldest weather we've experienced, over the past month, was still above normal. Even so, with summer birds beginning to show up, and big south winds, and big sun, it's impossible to feel anything but good.

So, after pedaling the 3 miles home from work, I changed into bike clothes, then headed east of home, then south, directly into the wind. A steady, grinding, pace into the headwind. Ah, the burning in my thighs reminded me of what it means to work hard again.

Out here on the old lake plain east of Fort Wayne, there is little to block the wind.

Flat ground. But heading directly into the wind is like climbing a great big, long, hill. Look at that sunshine - it was with us the entire day!

The ride back to the north was like coming down a big hill, almost. With the wind at my back I maintained an easy 21 mph. Going into the wind I had to work hard to maintain 12 mph!

Spring, go ahead and bring your wind. It is good to have you back!

I wasn't able to get a photo, but the eagles are nesting again just outside of Cedarville, only 2 miles east of our new home. I saw one of the eagles perched at the very top of the tree where it's nesting.

Happy riding!


Pondero said...

Based on prior surprises, I've been telling everyone we've still at least one more big winter blast coming this year. But lately, I've been questioning myself. Either way, it's very good to get this much saddle time this early.

rlove2bike said...

If I have a choice, I like going out against the wind and riding the wind home like you did today. Sometimes that just doesn't work. Nice when it does though.

Thanks for the post! I enjoy seeing the countryside that others are riding.

Steve A said...

We aren't safely out of the grip of winter storms until Easter even down south...

jeff said...

The only way to ride into the wind is the knowing you'll turn around and have it at your back.

DAN said...

Nice. I thought I was late for work but I caught a tail wind.