Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back From Vacation

We spent all of last week up on Lake Vermilion in northern MN fishing. The lake was very warm, and the fish were scattered.

I did get some riding in, and four of us rode on the Mesabi Trail. I was even talked into going down into the Soudan Mine - an abandoned iron mine which is now a MN state park. We were crammed into a cage and dropped down a shaft 3/4 mile into the earth. I'll never do that again.

Those old boys literally worked their fingers to the bone so their descendants could live better lives than they did.

I'm glad to be home, but I miss the nort' woods.

Anaway, happy riding, eh?


Steve A said...

Eh? You aren't turning Canadian on us, are you?

Big Oak said...

Not intentionally. When we lived in no. Wisco that's how our neighbor talked - a retired dairy farmer. May he rest in peace.

Chandra said...

If the picture in the post is any indication of how much fun you had, I am jealous :)

Peace :)

DAN said...

Living in MN I have gone on the mining elevatior.

Wilson said...

Indeed, the mining elevator experience would not be for me. I had enough trouble touring the Hoover Dam (inside its bowels).
Cheers to you! Looks like it was a fun adventure.

Jon said...

In college, one of my

geology field trips involved going down into an operating coal mine, in East Tennessee. Never again...