Sunday, July 22, 2012

I never did get to the bike shop in Nevada City on Friday, but I did get in a great hike over in Empire Mine State Park, which was only a couple miles from the hotel.  The miners (mostly Cornish) dug hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold in just over 100 years.  They dug 367 miles of tunnels beneath Grass Valley.  Pretty incredible!

Anyway, after getting home last night late, I was able to pull myself out of bed in time to get to today's club ride.  I'm glad I made it - we had a great ride over to Hicksville, OH, then back through Spencerville and then back down to New Haven where we started.

In a chance encounter, the stars aligned and we were able to catch a draft up the hill on Notestine Road behind this Amish buggy.  While buggies generally travel between 11 and 14 mph, with the stout headwind we had today, nobody wanted to venture around this protective shield.  Unfortunately, we turned south after a half mile, away from protection.

I hope you folks out there are gettting in some quality rides.

Happy riding!


Pondero said...

Now there's a great wind blocker! Lately, quality rides around here require early starts and finishing before lunch. Otherwise, it becomes a bit of a slog. 107 here yesterday.

Chandra said...

Now, that's what you call an "Amish Paradise". You might know that song by Weird Al :)

Peace :)

rlove2bike said...

367 miles..that is a lot of tunneling.

Drafting a buggy...that's funny no matter who are.

Thanks for the post.

Wilson said...

Drafting the Amish - that's a riot. Did they wave you up so that you'd have a turn in front?