Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Oak's New Fixie!

Well, my first fixed gear bike is done. I think it's going to take a little while for me to get used to riding it, but aside from a fall on the ice, it's pretty cool. This will be my disc golf transporter. I need to do something with the handle bars - they bent downward with my weight, just before I fell. Fortunately no damage to the bike or me. I'll need to reverse them, I think. I ordered mustache bars from my LBS, but they ordered the wrong bars. Anyway, I can pull them back up and ride them like my old Schwinn Collegiate.

Check out the crank. It's a Shimano 600 I bought in 1979. I had to reverse the chain rings to get a straight line on the chain. Someday I may get a different crank that fits this, but right now I'm excited to have a fixed gear.

It took some long overdue cleaning, but aside from the paint chips and road tar, it's mechanically tip-top again. This bike has been a great bike for me and I'm happy to be able to make it fully functional again as a machine that I can have fun on.

Thank you Jon from Two Wheels blog for inspiration and Thom from Old Bike Blog for your cleaning tips. Both of you guys have a passion for reusing old bikes and I've caught the bug.


Jon said...

The Schwinn is looking good. It's even the right color!

Big Oak said...

Thanks Jon - you're not the only one with good taste!