Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yes, that's me, or at least my shadow. That means sunshine! Great to see it again. Nice to see the ground again. All of our snow melted in last week's heat wave and heavy rain. The salt and much of the sand has washed off of the roads now, so no excuse for me to get out and ride, except it's supposed to snow tomorrow with high winds. Anyway, it was a nice night to ride tonight.

Most of the ice is gone from the Cedarville Reservoir now, too. Supposed to get cold for the next week, so there may still be some ice fishing left this year.

Schwartz Road has a buggy lane for our large Amish population which also makes a good bike lane. This is where I usually ride on short rides (10 miles or less).

Just in case my boss is checking up on me, this is the time I posted this entry, not the time it says below. For some reason it says it is much earlier than it is.

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