Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flood of '09

Heavy rains this week brought flooding Thursday and Friday to northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. This is a small tributary to the Maumee River near the Indiana / Ohio state line. The Maumee flows northeast from here to Lake Erie at Toledo.

Good day for ducks. And geese.

This is just east of downtown Fort Wayne on the relatively new flood barriers. The neighborhood on the left side of the levy flooded in March, 1982. I was home for spring break at college then, and spent the week sandbagging and helping to evacuate people from their flooded homes. President Reagan visited this neighborhood and helped to throw 2 (I think it was 2) sandbags. 200 years ago this neighborhood was divided into three sections and was a reserve for the Miami, Delaware (Lenape), and the Shawnee. The Delaware and Shawnee were relocated here for a short time from the east and south. By 1845, most American Indians were removed from this area to Oklahoma.

This is the end of the Rivergreenway for now. Another several miles will appear shortly after the water goes down. Notice the green tint to the grass. Isn't it lovely?

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