Sunday, April 19, 2009

Melting Iceberg

When I started this blog, I purposely tried to remain non-political because few discussion items cause as much heartburn between otherwise good friends and acquaintances as politics. But I have to say that the greatest issue our descendants will eventually face is the impact of global warming. If not directly, then indirectly as rising sea level floods our friends in other low-lying countries.

I am very satisfied after watching a program on PBS this afternoon featuring Carol Browner, President Obama's adviser on Energy and Climate Change. On that program was this video. How great is America that 4 students from another country can produce such a video and appear on a talk show with one of the president's advisers?

What is especially remarkable is we went 8 years with no serious or substantial discussion from presidential advisers about climate change. We have experienced a fantastic change. It is important to respect our conservative friends' point of view. But it is vitally important we get to the business of addressing climate change.

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Jon said...

One of the most infuriating things, over the last 8 years, was the politicization of Science. Despite one's political leanings, scientific evidence should be heeded. Simply stating something isn't so doesn't change facts, regardless of how many times you say it.

We only have the one planet. Let's put some effort into keeping it liveable.

Philip said...

personal polotics is great and the foundation stone of debate. Its only when you place issues within political parties that things become dilluted and messed up through fear,compromise, and protecting your positon within a party.I liked your blog and such issues should be my humble opinion

Big Oak said...

Thank you Jon and Philip for your kind remarks.

Doohickie said...

One of the most infuriating things, over the last 8 years, was the politicization of Science.The bad part is that simply changing administrations doesn't change that. In fact I think it's just as bad if not worse. Not that I think Obama is seeking to politicize science, but that every policy decision made that involves science is being attacked not on its scientific merits but on the us vs. them politics of it. For instance, since the conservatives staked out the position that there is no climate change, they argue against any initiative to address it.

The really infuriating aspect is the way otherwise very intelligent people kick into cognitive dissonance when it comes to public policy. It doesn't matter if something is correct or not; if it is not the policy of one's policy it's just plain wrong (at least that's the way a lot of people think).

So what we end up with is not a debate on the relative merits of a policy, but just the st00pid YES! NO! arguments between right and left.

I for one and sick and F-ing tired of divisions within this country.

Big Oak said...

Good point, Doohickie. It seems that the political win-at-any-cost mentality has become so prevalent that many decisions are being made simply because they are different than the previous administration and not necessarily because it is the proper thing to do.

The interesting thing is the most vigorous debates I've been involved in are with people of within my own political party. I am sometimes left with the feeling that my idea must be wrong because other people with whom I am allied are arguing against it.

Well, at least we can have debate that can determine elections and that's a good thing. Politics begins at the individual level and is shaped by millions and millions of daily interactions.

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them.