Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring time!

Still waiting for my rim to come in to the bike shop for my Tri Cross. Meanwhile, I have been getting a few miles in on the Trek. The last three days were spectacular - pure blue skies with temps at 70 degrees and no wind. I was only able to ride one of those days, but it was great!

This morning's ride was very balmy - 55 deg - nice for the morning in April. Our weeping willow has decided to start leafing, as well as the flowering crabs. This picture doesn't show them very well, but look at the green! Unfortunately the grass is ready to mow. The family doesn't like my idea of fencing in our property and getting a dozen goats.

The dandelions have decided to start blooming also. These are a bane to our neighbors moving out from the city, but I think they add color to the yard. My mom still collects the leaves to eat for greens. Once the blossoms open, the leaves become particularly bitter.

I've been thinking quite a bit about biking for this year. I'm trying to get in enough riding so I can do a number of centuries. The first one is the TOSRV, which is a two-day, 200 mile ride (100 mi each day). I registered over a month ago when I was riding between 100 - 150 miles per week. Due to work and family stuff, I've been able to average only 75 miles per week for the past 2 weeks. Well, at least I've got three weeks left. This coming week looks good for biking.

Chubby Super Biker and Phil have it right, I just need to get out and ride more, even when it's windy or rainy. I do draw the line at tornados though.

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