Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rim Trouble

My rim started wobbling pretty badly all of a sudden last week. I left it in the garage, bummed out from the wobble and the weather (snow, rain, cold, high winds). I tried to true the rim last night, and this spoke popped out when I was squeezing the spokes to see which ones were loose. I think the rim was cracked because I didn't have to squeeze very hard and it popped out. Good thing this didn't happen on the road. I ordered a Velocity Dyad rim today. I'm tired of screwing around with rims. Someday I'll order a 40-spoke rim from Peter White Cycles (link is on my blog link list). He offers a lifetime guarantee on rims he recommends for my style of riding and if he builds them.

I rode this baby today for 3 hours. I forgot what a great bike this is. It wouldn't work for touring, but I'm thinking about using it for my commute this week. I'll need to transfer my lights, and I won't be able to carry much. But I bet I'll get to work quicker!

This was my triathlon bike back in the mid-80's. Notice the subdued grey - not the bright red and yellow or bright pink and yellow crap popular back then.


Rat Trap Press said...

Looking and the bikes you ride I figure that you're over 6 ft tall. I could see buying a bomb-proof 40 spoke wheels for the back country roads you ride.

I like that old Trek! It's a nice subdued gray color.

Jon said...

Bummer about the rim. I suffered a cracked sidewall on a rim, last year, on my commuter.

The old Treks are classy, for sure, and they ride so nice!

Big Oak said...

Yep, over 6 ft tall & well over 200 lbs. I think I had the spokes too tight - just past the yield point. The rim ran true for close to 1,000 miles. I carry probably an extra 25 lbs. of clothing for work (boots, heavy duck coat, lunch, misc.) and apparently that helped stress the rim also. If I had the spoke tension right then I think the rim should have lasted longer. Anyway, 3,000 miles on that rim total.

Ben said...

Man that's a gorgeous old Trek. I too remember the rides of that vintage, heh, I remember my Dad talking me out of a ridiculously colored Cannondale back then. Love it.

Hope the new rim works out for ya, was the old one a stocker on a Cross-Check by chance?

Big Oak said...

Yes, it came with my Specialized Tri Cross. Supposedly I was able to ride off rode with those rims also. I've only used them for paved roads (albeit rough and bumpy paved roads) and gravel roads.

Philip said...

bill thank you for expressing interest in my blog