Saturday, May 1, 2010

I need bike!

It's been a busy week, with very little bike time. I leave early Sunday morning for a full week of travel for work. No bike.

The following week after I get home, lots of bike!

I did the club ride today - only 4 people showed. The high winds should have made for slow riding, but 1 guy (not me) kept pushing the pace. We were going to do 60 miles, but decided to turn around in Decatur. We ended up doing 38, but for today, that was plenty.

Happy riding!


rlove2bike said...

W I N D Y here too. It's still nice you got out...and as an added bonus was people to ride with...price less.

BluesCat said...

"Wind" seems to be the operative word everywhere in the U.S. this week.

Last Thursday (4/29/2010) I could hardly hold my speed up going west, even on the downhills.

Today (5/2/2010) I was going to test out The BluesCat RV by heading over to PetCo and putting a 40 pound bag of cat litter in it. But the morning trip to Starbucks, with just ME on the bike, left me huffing and puffing.

Mike J said...

I would much rather ride through rain than wind any day.

Doohickie said...

It was a very busy week at work this week, with out-of-town customers in for reviews at meetings held off-site. First time I wore a tie to work in years, plus had to shuttle back and forth to my office. No bike commuting at all this week.

I got home tonight and the skies were cloudy but the radar showed showers moving away. I got on my single speed and tooled around some local neighborhoods for an hour or so. Plus I did a good deed.