Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Wheel Ahead

About 20 years ago I re-built the rear wheel on my Trek 500 using an Araya rim. It's lasted quite a while, but frankly, I'm tired of having to true the damn thing after every other ride.

I took the spokes off, cleaned up the hub, and mailed it off today to Peter White in New Hampshire. I'm asking him to re-build the wheel again, this time with a Mavic Open Sport rim with swaged spokes.

Peter built the rear wheel for my Tricross, and after 5,200 miles on it, I've had no problems at all. Not even a tiny wobble.

So, I'm looking forward to getting my new wheel for the Trek. I've been riding the Trek on weekend club rides because it's faster than my Tricross, and with the Trek, I have more of a chance of being with the lead group near the end of the rides. At least until the sprint starts.

Although I don't aspire to beating those folks, I'd at least like to not have to true my wheel anymore.

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jeff said...

I've read about RAIN. It would be a great way to add another state to the list of those I've done, but it is nice to spend the whole week enjoying a state.