Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bike Torture

In an effort to try to improve my cycling endurance and speed, I've been spending a lot of time in my Man Corner.  In other words, the corner of my garage.  On the bike trainer.  This is my Bike Torture Chamber, as Sufferlandrians refer to their training places.  Not that I'm a Sufferlandrian.  Actually, those Sufferfest videos scare the hell out of me.  Anything that suggests I ride until blood comes out of my eyes can't be good for me.  My hedonistic nature won't allow it.

Above the snow tube in the top photo I have a couple things on the wall which provide motivation.  When I left Marathon County Forestry Dept for Indiana, the ski club gave me the Leo's Loop sign.  Leo's Loop is a 10k loop in Nine Mile Forest (just west of Wausau), which was my favorite loop.  Named after former County Forest Administrator Leo Baur.  After Leo retired, he became a volunteer on the County Forest, helping maintain and improve the ski trails there.  Jim Adams, a retired pulp mill worker, put in thousands of volunteer hours with Leo during my time at the county forest.  Those two guys gave me an example how to live my life, staying active and engaged with other people.  I hope I have half the energy of either one of those guys when I retire.

I was honored to become a member of the 50mm club in the Wausau Nordic Skiers.  50mm bindings were only around for a few years.  But they were really useful and worked well.  Like the bindings, 50mm Club members worked hard to support the club.  I didn't think I was worthy of the award, but I really appreciated their gesture. 

On Tuesday nights and early Saturday mornings, the LBS has a spin class, where I can take my bike and trainer to ride to one of many Spinnervals videos they have.  For the past 3 weeks, the videos we've been riding have been quite challenging.  Tonight's video, however, was a killer.  Troy, the leader, said tonight's session was 9.9 out of ten.  I survived the hour long session, but now that I'm home, in my easy chair, I'm not sure I'll be able to get back up to go to bed.

I'm getting some quality cardiovascular work in, but man, I can't wait to get back out on the open road for a regular road ride again.

Happy riding!


rlove2bike said...

Man, you are hardcore!! Thanks for the Sufferlandrian link. I browsed it a little tonight, and will go through more when I get a little time.

Although my father has been retired from Douglas County Forestry for some time now, I remember him going to meetings in the Wausau area.

Thanks for the post,

Chandra said...

You are a patient man.
I cannot do the stationary bike; not that it ever gets that bad around here in DFW.

Keep on riding!

Peace :)

Steve A said...

I'm with Chandra.

Trevor Woodford said...

Unlike Chandra and Steve I like the full on pain experience of the stationary bike....It really enables me to work on some of the areas in my cycling where I need to improve....

But then people have told me in the past that I am totally mad!!

Prince Gupta said...

In my opinion, indoor biking sessions ensure that I get my daily health perks no matter how the weather behaves!