Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Like Finding a Long-Lost Friend (Almost)

Well!  Sometimes things do come back.  I was moving some stuff around at work and found my camera - I lost this last winter and was really bummed.  We took great photos together, and I knew each function and setting this little marvel possessed.  The last picture I took on this was dated Feb 13, 2012.  So, it's been missing for almost a year.  The last time I had this camera was a week before we left on our Texas trip.

My daughter let me borrow her camera in the interim, but I just couldn't get the hang of it.  The controls were slightly different, but the menu options and features could not come close to what this little camera has.  Plus, I've had this camera since I started this blog in 2008.  It is just the right size, shape, and weight for carrying on the bike or in my jersey pocket.  It is easy to quickly reach for a rare and fleeting photo op.

 Anyway, on my commute to work, I noticed my front and rear lights flickered today the whole ride in.  Since this is a fairly new generator hub, I was concerned.  When I got home tonight, I found one of the leads is pulling away from the clip which attaches to the hub.

I took the clip apart and pulled the wire down, folded it over, then re-clipped it into the generator.  I moved the generator plug down so that there is less tension on the wire.  I'm hoping this works.  It's good to know that this problem exists.  I'd hate to have lighting issues during a brevet or during a fleche ride.   Not that I'm going to do many this year.  Maybe the 300k and the Fleche. 

The Tricross's backside.  That Seculite taillight is incredibly bright.  When I'm riding in the dark, I feel safe knowing Seculite is glowing away behind me, warning wayward motorists I'm up ahead in the dark.

My grey Trek.  I pumped up the tires for tonight's spin class.  I'm almost recovered from Saturday's spin class.   It was a killer.  My bike-buddy Hugh says indoor spin sessions really pay off.

 The Gatorskins are really wearing.  The trainer puts a metallic sheen on the rear wheel, though I don't think it is bad for the tire.  After spinning for an hour the rear tire gets really hot.  That might cause internal tire parts to wear.

 But I've got new rubber ready for the outdoors.  I bought these at the Hilly Hundred last October for just over half price.  It was a great deal.

Grey Trek ready to head for spin class.

Happy riding! or spinning!


Steve A said...

I love GP 4 Season tires except they are sensitive to UV. 28c is, IMO, their best width.

greg said...

Ditto on the 4 Seasons, rode them last year. They ride and wear great. Hundreds of miles of dirt and gravel on my 28's run at 80 psi and no sign of that occurrence we do not mention by name. Also they are great in the rain.

rlove2bike said...

Spin class, Brevets...Hardcore!!

I will be purchasing new tires for the fancy smacny road bike this year. I have the Gator Skins on the other road bike and they seem good, but Continental has so many different options it's hard for me to choose.

Congrats on finding the camera and thanks for posting,

Big Oak said...

I didn't know they are sensitive to UV. Maybe it's that Texas sun, eh, Steve?

Yes, Greg, thanks for not mentioning that occurrence. I've had only 2 or 3 such events with my Gatorskins. They have been excellent tires.

RL - I see Nashbar has 4000s's on sale - a pretty good price. Maybe that will help you decide?

adventure! said...

Yep, that's one of the main annoyances of dynamo lighting: tweaky wiring. On my Raleigh, if the wire from hub to front light moved just so, it would mean no light, and a lot of futzing for it to be "right" again. A bike shop reconfigured the wiring, and it hasn't acted up...yet.

Steve A said...

Your tires' future is at http://dfwptp.blogspot.com/2011/05/dusting-off-and-pumping-up-for-bike-to.html

6000 miles hence if you are lucky. With more sun, they come apart a bit quicker