Monday, January 18, 2010

Looking Back...

Bought a mirror to put on my bike. Now I can see cars coming from behind.

Since the roads are clear and we don't have any significant snow in the forecast, I switched back to the Schwalbe Marathon tires. Oooh, they roll nice! Quite a bit less effort than the studded tires.

I also put new brake pads on all around. I noticed the old pads were severely worn when I went to adjust the brakes. The sand the highway dept puts on the road must be very abrasive to the pads (and probably the rims, too). I cleaned the wheels up nicely as well.

Happy riding!


Steve A said...

I don't know if yours were the OEM pads or not, but I got less than 4000 miles out of mine, in a low grit environment. I don't know how V brake wear compares to your canti brakes, but it seems short.

That mirror looks intriguing. The mount location is unusual, promising that it'll last more than the half day mine lasted.

Big Oak said...

Yes, those original pads were the ones that came with my bike. I had somewhere around 5,900 miles on them, so I guess it was time.

Bummer about your mirror. I am learning that I must knock my bike around more than I think - I've had to readjust it a few times already.

Chandra said...

was this mirror easy to install?

Mike J said...

I had a mirror on my bike years ago but found that it vibrated too much to see anything in it. I changed to a helmet mirror