Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sweet Steel

Since the roads are clear and dry, I took another 20 mile ride today, this time on my 1985 Trek 500. I had an old Avocet saddle on this bike that was not comfortable anymore. So when I got my Brooks saddle for Christmas (it's on the Tricoss), I put the Specialized saddle from that bike on here. It's a good saddle, I had very little trouble with numbness last year, even with the longest single ride of 116 miles. I need to slide the saddle forward an inch or so.

Here's the steel-framed beauty on the Roth Road Bridge over the St. Joe River.

Even with a 15 mph wind, I was able to ride 9 minutes faster than the 20 miles I did yesterday. I attribute it to the tires. I have these tires pumped to 90 psi.

I bought this bike when I lived in Indianapolis in 1985.

They don't make lugs like this anymore.

Hope you are able to get out to ride wherever you are.

Happy riding!


331 Miles said...

Love the photo of the bike in the snow. I've about decided that my next bike will a custom steel frame. Just need to save the $$$...

Jon said...

Looks like we are getting some warm, sunny weather, these next few days, in Denver. It will be nice to ride on non-studded tires for a while.

Apertome said...

I'm glad you're still getting out. I've mostly been doing the mountain biking thing as much as possible, but I'm sort of itching for a road ride soon. But, we're supposed to get more snow today, so it might be a while.

Philip said...

You are a brave man riding in the snow and Ice, I hope to get out veery soon

Anonymous said...

Wow nice bike, I like steel frame bikes. People think my bike is tall.