Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stretching the Legs

The roads again are clear after the 4 or 5 inches of snow we received Thursday night. I went for a 20 mile ride today to stretch my legs.

Here I'm coming into the small town of Grabill, Indiana. Grabill is unique because it is completely surrounded by Amish farms on all sides. I don't know that there are any Amish who live in town there, but there is a large Mennonite church in town.

Steve from Dallas-Fort Worth talks about the line of sweetness and these buggy roads have a sweet line also. In this photo, I am riding in the "trough" where the horses run. Just to the left of this is the sweet line.

While the asphalt and chip and sealed roads are clear, the gravel roads are still snow packed. The county doesn't use much salt on these because the salt eats into the frozen gravel surface and will create a severely wash-boarded surface.

I was able to commute by bike 3 days last week by parking and riding part way. I'll be out of town for a three day conference this week, but maybe Thursday or Friday I can do the full 19 mile commute.

Anyway, happy riding!


Steve A said...

On the other hand, riding IN the horse trough could be considered the poopy way to ride! I love to hear about roads, such as this, that differ so greatly from the ones I ride on daily.

rlove2bike said...

Very nice write-up...and I like seeing pictures of where others ride. Looks nice.

jeff said...

Looks like it was cold, but I bet it still felt good to be out on the bike.