Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunny Day Ride

I took advantage of the first all sun, no-cloud day in weeks by riding 18 miles today. The wind was quite strong from the northwest, but it was good to see the sun. Temp was 10 degrees for the ride, but it warmed up quickly from the 5 below overnight low.

These alpaci (that's my attempt at pluralizing alpaca) don't seem to mind the cold. For some reason, more and more people are raising alpaci. It's always good to be the first people raising something, because you can sell the young 'uns for an outrageous price. I don't know if the alpaca train will crash like emu's did, but I'm not jumping on. These critters are very social and not afraid of humans. They came at me right after I took this picture.

The biggest downhill of the ride today and no problem on the studded tires.

I don't know why I even brought water bottles - the front one froze on Friday's ride and the blue bottle was a freebie from the New Year's Day ride.

One thing I found out today is snot freezes on contact with cold fabric.

Happy riding!

Remember, we're one day closer to spring!


Steve A said...

I'm not sure I needed the mucus/fabric observation, but boy, doesn't that black bike look gorgeous when contrasted against the snow!

Jon said...

one day closer to day closer to day closer to day closer to day closer to day closer to spring...

I feel a bit like Jack, in the Overlook, right now. Come on, warm weather!

Apertome said...

Glad you're getting out despite the cold. It's weird to see your photos, because it was cold here as well but no snow. It seems you get a lot more snow in Fort Wayne than we do here, and we aren't that far apart.

Oldfool said...

I have added that to my list of "Shot Facts".
Us kids love snot stuff. It can freeze in your mustache too. One of the many reasons I brought myself south.
35*F here this morning. I won't be nude sunbathing today.

D A N O said...

Keep those rides commin'!