Monday, January 2, 2012

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I'm trying something different for this post. Our lap top is on the fritz, so I set up a flickr account and am posting directly from flickr.

The photo is of the Polar Bear Plunge yesterday at Johnny Appleseed Park. The bike club held it's Chili Challenge bike ride, which I rode.

We set off from North side Park at 1:00pm, and immediately the four speed skaters and KMart Dave were off the front. Not wanting to get separated and lost, I and about 15 other sheep followed Dave and the skaters, only to find out when we caught them that no one knew where they were going.

By that time, we lost contact with the main group and the true leader, Fat Tire Phil. No worries, however, as we worked our way over to Johnny Appleseed Park, with 20 minutes to spare for the Polar Bear swim at 2:00pm.

One club member, Rob, rode his bike to the swim, then jumped into the water, and ran 3 miles back to the start. Very impressive, but that is understandable from him. He's a horse on the bike, and try as I might, I can't keep up with him.

Anyway, we had an enjoyable rest of the ride with the main group, occupying Fort Wayne's streets for another hour and a half.

As in past years, I've not made any resolutions, with the exception that I hope to ride more.

Happy New Year! I hope each of you has a great year filled with many miles.



jeff said...

Happy New Year Bill!

Steve A said...

You didn't do the swim, did you?

Apertome said...

I use Flickr, and I like it. I added you as a contact.

Sounds like an interesting (insane) challenge. I can't understand the freezing swims. Does not sound like fun to me, although I bet it's amusing to watch.

Happy New Year!

Chandra said...

Happy New Year, Bill! Just thinking of jumping into the river gives me the shivers!!

Paz :)

twofeetofftheasphalt said...

Swimming on the First. Not my cup of tea. Riding or even raking leaves sounds more exciting. Have a good year, Bill.

Wilson said...

Same question as Steve A...did you take the plunge?

Big Oak said...

Steve and Wilson - no I didn't. Before the ride I was joking with Rob and a couple other guys what fools those swimmers are. Then Rob said he was going to swim. Kinda stalled the conversation at that point. One other club member, Angel,also swam. I heard that he dried off and rode back to the start. Even though it was 30F, the wind was steady at 20+mph, which made it feel plenty cold without getting wet.