Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Ride

Today wasn't as warm as the last couple days, but the upper 30's with light wind and sun is a gift for early January. I got out my Trek 500, put on new Shimano 105 pedals and a new Ultegra rear dérailleur. I haven't ridden this bike since October, and felt great flying down the roads on it again.

I'm looking forward to many good rides this year. I'm hoping to complete a full Randonneurs series this year. I've not been doing many outside rides longer than 20 miles at a time ( except for today's 30), but I've been steady at using the bike trainer and running every other day. Indoor stretching and strength exercises hopefully will get my upper body in shape enough to handle the longer rides.

Anyway I hope it's warm where you folks are.

Happy riding!


Pondero said...

I read your brevet posts last year with profound interest. Best wishes for success in the series this year! And bring those reports back to us spectators.

Big Oak said...

Thanks Pondero, will do!

rlove2bike said...

Nice picture!

Your reports were the first I had read of a first hand account of randonneuring. I too enjoyed reading them.


Jon said...

I think my longest ride, so far this year, was the 9 mile commute I made home, last Tuesday. Gotta step it up, I suppose.

I'm looking forward to the rando reports, as well.

Wilson said...

It seems that we are all benefitting from the warmer winter so far. Perhaps not those who want to get their Mukluks and Pugsleys into the snow, but otherwise it is making for good roads!

DAN said...


Steve A said...

I want to also hear some more about brevets.

Chandra said...

I will look forward to reading about your long rides, Bill!

Paz :)