Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bike to Work Week for me

"Sunrise Over Front Wheel" taken Wednesday morning at 6:45 am, just north of the Allen-DeKalb county line.

I have been enjoying my Bike to Work Week this week. The mornings for the last two days started in the mid 40's warming to 80 for my commute home, with not a cloud in the sky since Monday. Outrageously nice weather for riding. I've been wearing my heavy long sleeved jersey with my rain coat over the top, which is warm enough but not so warm that I'm covered in sweat by the time I get to work.

This is my bike locker, a storage closet I share with another office. The only thing I claim in this closet is my bike. We pay half the rent for the closet - crap's going to start disappearing.

But it won't start disappearing until I have to drive to work again, and judging from the forecast, it could be quite some time away. I hope the weather is good for all of you folks out there.

Happy Riding!


Doohickie said...

I rode three days, on three different bikes from three different decades: a 1994 Nishiki Sport XRS hybrid, a 1983 Raleigh Marathon, and a 1973 Schwinn Varsity.

Big Oak said...

Awesome. You did Bike to Work Week with class!