Monday, May 18, 2009

Work to Bike Week

We're hoping this is the last frost for the season. This is what I saw when I left this morning at 6 am on my commute. My toes were plenty cold by the time I got to work (1 1/2 hrs later).

I know that last week was "Bike to Work Week", but due to my work schedule last week I was unable to ride to work at all. Fortunately, I treated myself to several evenings of bike therapy (nice long rides) ending at dusk. I did feel especially bad on Friday, but alas, I have vowed to ride 4 out of 5 days to work this week. Tomorrow (Tues.) is the only day I can't ride to work.

Last week for me was "Work to Bike Week", this week is my "Bike to Work Week".

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