Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Green grass of home.

Took this photo last night on a 22 mile ride. It's great to see green grass again. It's growing like crazy. I'm still thinking about getting a herd of goats to graze the yard, if only Alex would be a little more willing.

The weather here lately has been great for biking, especially when it's not raining and windy. The soreness from the TOSRV is almost gone now. Thinking about a 54 miler this weekend in Roanoke (Indiana).

Having accomplished the TOSRV is a great feeling and has added to my enjoyment of biking this spring. Looking forward to more rides and more centuries this year.


Philip said...

This is eally great going, your really stepping up to the plate and giving yourself challenges....great job

Big Oak said...

Thanks Philip!