Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday Ride

Here's a nice barn along old State Road 3 I saw on my ride yesterday afternoon. It's an old barn with a new foundation, siding, and windows. Most barns in this area didn't have windows, and I suspect this one didn't have windows originally either. Most barns like this were used for storing hay and straw for dairy cows and a few horses. I'll bet this is used for storing equipment. There are big doors on the opposite side, but my camera died before I could take any more photos.

I've been riding fairly consistently since Jan. 1 (at least 2-3 times per week), but my longest ride before yesterday was 56 miles. I did 71 miles yesterday and felt amazingly good, but I am concerned how I'll feel this Sunday, the second day of the Tour of the Scioto River Valley in Ohio. I rode northwest of Fort Wayne into the hills for most of the route, but did feel really tired when I got home. The TOSRV route is supposed to be flat with a few gentle hills. I'm looking forward to going and seeing all the people.

Bike wise, I'm still confined to the Trek for riding (except for my Schwinn fixed gear, which I ride only short distances). I ordered a rim for my Specialized Tri Cross only to realize the hub from my original wheel had too few holes.

So I ordered a new hub. The new hub was for a front wheel, not the rear wheel like I needed. So I ordered a complete wheel from Peter White Cycles, hub spokes and all and making sure to tell them I needed a REAR wheel.

I went ahead and bought the front hub anyway, since I already bought the rim a couple of weeks earlier. I'll build the front wheel tonight or tomorrow night, then when my new rear wheel arrives, I'll have a completely new set for the Tri Cross.

One thing I like about the Tri Cross is it is that it's very comfortable to ride long distances. My hands are still sore from riding the Trek yesterday and I believe it's from the thin, relatively non-spongy tape I put on. I don't wear cycling gloves, so I can't blame them. Also the Trek is much more upright so that much of my weight is borne by my hands and arms.

I couldn't complain about the weather though - 68 degrees, full sun and no wind!


Philip said...

Great riding there...your doing really well

Big Oak said...

Thanks Phil, it's folks like you who keep me inspired.

Oldfool said...

68 degrees? I'd be freezing.

Oldfool said...

Here I go again with senior moments. I forgot to mention that I love old barns. I wonder if anyone lives in that one. I use to have a book about old barns that just fascinated me. I need to find it again but that was in another life so may take some time. I think the guy that did the book bought a boat and went south.

Rat Trap Press said...

Put some cork tape on those bars and then slap on some shellac.